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Perhaps we became more comfortable with not being able to see five meters ahead of us, or there was something in those odd looking fruits that we ate, but it is accurate to say that the spontaneity of the unknown and the surprises of everyday was exciting, and maybe even liberating.

After all, the best way to explain the amazed curiosity we developed is that our imagination was freed from the shackles of logic and judgement of others.  


The path suddenly didn’t feel so lonely and dreary, and although the weather remained harsh and cold, it somehow added to the charm and beauty of the journey.  We would stop and point and ask what something was, and ask why it was the way it was, and repeat that process all over again. Whether it be an ancient tree, a gnome’s house, or even just an earthworm, we needed to know its story and its purpose. 

We scrutinized anything we could lay our eyes on.  After all, how can one enhance the world with their ideas if they do not understand it?