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For every person there is an invisible force that guides them through this mystical adventure that is life.


And when sofas were mountains to climb and counters were hedges blocking the view of a castle, this guiding force led us through fantastical worlds with bewildering creatures and clever gizmos; where everything is magical and perfectly imperfect. It holds our hands, for most people it is their right, but for some people it is their left, and it points to absolutely everything. It asks us what something is. It asks us how something works. It asks us why something is the way it is. 

That guiding force is wonder.  It is imagination. It is curiosity.  But most importantly, it is your truest self. 

As we grow older, sometimes its grip loosens. We make our decisions and navigate through life based on what the world wants from us. Before any individual lies a crossroad, and even though the guiding force so desperately wants to go down one path, our heads tell us that we must venture down the other. It is at this point where you and your guiding force part ways. 


Two years ago, all of us chose to trace back our steps and follow the path of our truest selves. In the fall of 2018, we set out on a journey to find our guiding force and embraced the vastness of the unknown. Along the way we became more curious, more incredulously wondrous, and more innovative. We are now hand in hand once again; we are ready to walk further down this path, together, wherever it may lead us.  


Are you?

Next, you will witness the time we traced back our steps and set out to find our truest selves.

From here, you will witness our journey.