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Our feet began to drag, our shoulders began to slump, and every so often we would see our reflection in a puddle and wince.

Our complexions became increasingly pale, our faces became disturbingly gaunt, our eyes became perpetually swollen; the zest for life was crumbling away and it became more apparent by the minute. And with every agonizing step, it became clear that we were morphing into people that we were not destined to become.    


So we stood face to face with Goliath-like uncertainty and abandoned what we thought were our ambitions and passions in search of an unknown source of fulfillment. We hiked back down the path we were walking and back to the start, ending up at the crossroad where we let go of our truest self’s hand.  

And with a falter in our step, we moved forward in search of the guide we had lost.


The terrain was so incredibly different; it was as if we were ants who lived their whole lives outside and were transported into someone's home via a picnic basket.  Learning new skills and training ourselves to constantly think creatively the same way we did when our heads were the largest part of our bodies was astonishingly exhausting. 


Were we making the right decision? Were we persevering towards a destination that did not exist? This path that we risked so much to explore, with its fog that makes it impossible to see five meters ahead, with its strange looking vegetation and oddly beautiful animals shifting in the shadows… Why did we keep moving forward when our vision was so harshly obscured? 


But amidst the hardships and struggle of adjusting to our new surroundings, there was something that was indescribably endearing.  Perhaps it was how we proved to ourselves time and time again, that we could achieve something great without having any prior knowledge.  Or it was the feeling of the glimmer of light returning to our eyes. Regardless of what it was, looking forward to exploring every possibility in every detail was addicting.

And after a while, we didn’t realize that our socks were soaked from torrential rain storms and that our pants were caked in mud when we made our way forward deeper and deeper down the path.