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But sooner or later,  it became suffocating. 

And while there was so much comfort in knowing that we had made the right decision to venture down this path where we rediscovered pure, childlike curiosity, we couldn't help but wonder what was in store for us in the future.

What was the fog hiding?

A glimpse into our original exhibit.

Through the laughter and tears, the class of 2020 became much more than just a class.  When the going got tough, we pushed each other to be the best that we could be; no person left behind, no person shall just “scrape by”.  Rather, everyone shall flourish together. Through the long nights of delirium and early morning grogginess, we became each other’s coaches, therapists, and teammates.  We became a family.

For a split second the fog thinned and we caught a glimpse of something that was breathtakingly astonishing: vastness in its purest form. 

It was as if we had come to a cliff at the edge of the forest and were staring at the deepest valley we had ever seen. And beyond that were the mountains, and then the ocean, and then more land after that.


Instead of being intimidated by the sheer scale of the possibilities and what ifs, we looked at it right in the eyes and smiled.  Because somewhere out there our truest selves are leaving a path for us to follow, waiting for us to catch up to be hand in hand once again.

And so we ran past the fog and towards the vastness and mystery of the unknown and never looked back.